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6" x 9", 384 pages

hard cover - $24.95

By David S. Brody

The chance discovery of an ancient Indian chief's grave paves the way for the Mashpee Indian tribe to lay claim to $2 billion worth of prime Cape Cod real estate. Unfortunately for both the townspeople and the tribe members, the gravesite was discovered by Rex Griffin, a con artist intent on parlaying his find into a multi-million dollar payoff. When Griffin is run down and left to die in a ditch, he continues to act as a puppeteer from the grave, forcing both sides into a feud and a high-stakes legal battle that cannot end until the mystery of who murdered him is solved.

On the surface, Blood of the Tribe is a fast-paced thriller - rich characters, a compelling mystery, a surprise ending. On a deeper level, the story shines a light on the increasingly prevalent legal battles being carried on between Native American tribes and the state and federal governments.

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