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25 years of good health laughs

By Dr. David Spiegelman

Recent studies show that laughter is good for the human cardiovascular system. We already know it's good for the soul. Thus we can confidently say that Dr. David Spiegelman's 'Medical Malaprops' is good for you, body and soul.

Dr. Spiegelman has practiced family medicine in the rural community of Pepperell, Massachusetts for over 25 years. His fondness for his patients comes through loud and clear, always with a healthy dose of humor.

from the introduction:

"Sometime in 1979 a patient told me she couldn't be pregnant because she had a previous tubal litigation. Shortly thereafter another patient related that her utopian tubes were blocked. I started taking more notice of these 'medical malaprops' and began writing them down so as not to forget them. As my colleagues became aware of this endeavor, they would call me to share amusing things their patients had said or sometimes written..."

And that is how the collection began. Twenty-five years later, it's a richly hilarious potpourri ranging over the entire health care system and human anatomy, with a special emphasis on the funny bone.

The text is enhanced by amusing illustrations by Jessica Lyn Burhans.

This little (5" x 5") book is an excellent item for counter display, and will be a popular gift.