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Paperback, 7" x 8", 98 pages

By Elliot Lilien (Compiler), Laraine Armenti (Illustrator)

Water is Rising in the Classroom, True Terror Dreams of Teachers is a collection of nightmares of actual teachers. Teachers in classrooms K-12 were interviewed in seventeen schools in three states to form the content of the book. The stress brought on by teaching is evident in the dreams. Teachers are afraid they will lose control, be humiliated, have no preparation, or be put in charge of students who could not be handled by anyone. Teachers in all schools surveyed admitted to having the dreams, there being no apparent difference in the content of the dreams experienced by men and women, teachers in wealthy versus less wealthy schools, or public versus independent schools. The book is interesting and humorous, and reveals the pressures teachers experience. It is softcover with color cover, 98 pages, and illustrated with thirty-seven black and white illustrations.